Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magazine Cutouts from Restoration Hardware

Browsing through Restoration Hardware's catalog I was surprised at how familiar I felt with the company although it was my first time hearing about them. For their first ever showroom magazine (pictured above), they did an incredible job. What surprised me the most was how little color is used in their furniture & overall design. Browns, neutrals, cremes, grays, black, silver - and that's all! I'm a big lover of color but it didn't seem to be missing here.
These are my favorite pieces...

The mirror is timeless beauty! Look at the detail on the lower photo.

This french tufted 'button' style has been my favorite for a long time now,
here you can see it in two different versions. The top sofa is an absolute beauty,
the bottom is
tufted all around.

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