Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photographers & Their Blogs

Get a glimpse of the faces behind the faces. A collection of the best photographers to follow. So much fun! The talent here is incredible and reading their blogs is like entering their personal world. You really get a feel for their personalities, styles and techniques & equipment they use - if your lucky.

Rochel Fellig Blog
She is by far the best child photographer around, and the first photography blog I followed so closely. She has a way of getting incredibly precious faces smiling at the lens in the cutest of clothing and prettiest of places. I was so excited when I saw her photos adorning the brick wall of the local Starbucks in Park Slope. Her blog is definitely worth the follow! Like closely.

Rina Schiffman Blog

Photographs children in picture perfect poses in her studio.

Elisheva Golani Blog

It seems to me that all her models were created for her style pictures. The soft slightly muted coloring, old rustic props, backdrops and vintage models... it just fits so perfectly.

Shneur Menaker Blog
From his website: I am 21 years old and grew up in Miami. I love photography. (Duh!) I play piano and guitar in a few local bands in Brooklyn. I have been an assistant teacher at a Montessori school in Prospect Heights for two years. I have recently grown a strong passion for filmmaking. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II, Mamiya RB67, and a vintage 35mm Minolta.

Ruvi Leader Flickr

His style is unique and never boring. I think that's mostly because of his ability to capture real life, for real - like without all the posing and artificial smiles. He captures the essence of the person or the scene the way it is.

Levi Teitlebaum Blog

Photographer with a funny sense of humor not only inside his lens but on his twitter posts and blog as well. Twitter bio: "Photographer, creative, randomness, excited, smarty, funny Always room on the bench. come sit."

  Moishy Lew Blog
Makes great videos and photos! Check out the video he did for his nephew's Upshernish, featured as a post on my design blog.


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    1. Whoops sorry about that! Just changed it:)

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  2. Detti @ is also amazing..:)

  3. Wow! Just checked out some of her videos, beautiful. Thanks for sharing.