Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chossid Gone Hipster Prints

At last, Arch Design House has printed the Chossid Gone Hipster posters! It came after some requests from facebook fans, and we now have the beautiful posters in hand. This is the first screenprint we've done and we used the incredible printing service of mamas-sauce.com. They've been a pleasure to work with from start to finish, even though we had a few major bumps in the road. I chose them mostly because of their very informative FAQ section on their site that explains their various printing processes, color, paper and how to set up files for print—allowing me to speak the same language and make knowledgeable decisions. 

The first two printed versions that we rejected

It took three (!) print runs to get the results we wanted. The first was printed on mint green paper that looked awful and the second on white, heavy-weight paper, but not using the updated pdf we sent. What I've learned from this process is: 1) screenprint does not create the grungy texture that a 'stamp like' process would normally create, so I had to add it in manually (as you can see in the closeups below) 2) Colors need to be 100% opaque, semi transparent layers should be used sparingly since it's printed as dots with large gaps of space. All in all, I'm very happy with the results, and just love the interaction that happens between the layers of color in the screenprinting process.

Third and final printed poster


And for fun we made matching minmoo cards, each with a different design using moo's printfinity, that ship with the poster:

The specs:
11"x14" // 2 color (PMS 3248, 1797) // white muscletone french paper

The poster is available for purchase in our Etsy shop. 50% of all poster profit will be donated to the Justice for Sholom fund.

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