Hi there,
Welcome to the OriginalMush.

A bit about Mush:
My name is Mushky Ginsburg and I love all things beautiful. Beauty comes in many different forms and as the saying goes, is in the eyes of the beholder. Here I'm going to be most subjective and show creativity the way I see it. I'm a graphic designer but don't like to stop there, I like to stretch my limits and discover new things. I'm constantly looking to improve my skills and advance my interests. I do this mainly by keeping tabs on the talented people that I admire and deep-sea diving in the vast knowledge the web has to offer. You can be certain if I hit upon some treasures I'll be sure to share them. My interests include: graphic art, typography, lettering, fashion, photography, painting, art, interior design, marketing, travel, baking, music and technology.

Why I created this blog:
I wanted a small space in the world were I can download what's going on in the creative department of my Cranium. Practically speaking you can expect to see posts of things that inspire me, projects I'm working on, pictures of beautiful things, places I chanced upon in my travels, talented people that I admire and occasional links to inventions that sweep me off my feet.

Please feel comfortable to leave comments and share your thoughts. Thanks for visiting!