Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Illustration: Choose the King

Based on a Maamer, this poster is about not falling for the 'bling' of the world but to stay focused and connect to what's true. I got inspired by it a long time ago and felt this a good way to reconnect with the idea.

The Process
1. I drew the basic sketch of the title text and armor emblem with pencil on paper.

2. Uploaded the photograph of the sketch to the computer.
3. Using the pen tool in Illustrator, I traced the original sketch, tweaked the design and added new elements such as the ribbon, crown and details in the badge.
4. Next I chose this color scheme from kuler.adobe.com and colored the illustration using the limited color swatch.
5. Texture was then added to the illustration by using subtle patterns in illustrator.
6. Once I felt it was complete as a vector image, I brought the illustration into photoshop and added some more texture and lighting to the overall design.

And for the final results...

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