Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 Designer Heroes

Paying tribute to 3 designer heroes: Menachem Krinsky, Yossi Belkin and Chaya Mushka Klein.

Menachem Krinsky

Menachem is a pro at digital art. He has designed intricate typographic posters, artistically imaginative scenes and loads of key art. Some of his posters are availabe for purchase here

Connect with Menachem:

Yossi Belkin

Been following his design work for the past 5 year—mind you, he's only 23—and love his style. What I appreciate most are his meaningful posters (which you can buy here) and his logos. He's brilliant at logos, knowing how to beautifully capture the essence of a company in a little mark. Here are some of my favorites:



Connect with Yossi:
Facebook Page

Chaya Mushka Klein

A good friend and top notch graphic designer, Chaya Mushka has a mission to make this world more beautiful—one flyer at a time. She's incredible at layout and has a knack for composting images and text together to get the message across in beautiful simplicity.

Connect with Chaya Mushka:

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