Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspiration for the Gad Elbaz Poster

This poster was created for a Gad Elbaz concert in NYC taking place on Chanukah. You can see the poster in all it's glory on Behance.

Thought I'd share the inspiration and notes that I jotted down for this poster.

Images & Keywords: Gad elbaz, city, nyc skyline, moon, menorah, flames, chanukah, latkes, dreidel, doughnuts, festival of lights, lights, concert, hands, stage, hip hop, serif, upperclass urban, bridge bet ancient tradition and urban hip hop, instruments, design ornaments (mishka font), hebrew words: 'Nes Gadol Haya Sham', 'Mi Kamocha...', snow.

Font: Mishka (Disclaimer: In no way am I obsessed with this font because it sounds like my name—not at all:)

Printing: gold metallic background pattern.

Tutorials for inspiration: these brilliant tutorials are from computerarts.co.uk. 
Click on images for tutorials.

It's interesting to see that most of the ideas weren't actually used, but somehow the spark of creativity was ignited.

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