Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roundup of the 15 Best Designed Magazines

Here's a collection of 15 best designed magazines covering topics as diverse as kosher food, fashion and business. Take a look:


Bitayavon - new kosher food magazine designed by Nechama Marcus

Joy of Kosher
- food magazine with Jamie Geller

Compass - by Shluchim, for Shluchim with inspiring and useful content.

Ok Kosher Spirit - see the full magazine in pdf, click on the last menu button in the nav bar. designed by spotlight

Farbrengen - don't know if it's still being published, but I remember loving their old artsy/earthy/spiritual style. Their newer versions have amazingly creative photography on the covers as shown on the left.

Soul Wise - designed by Nechama Marcus & co.


Print - a primer for the print designer. This cover is from 2005… and it still looks good.

How - being the publisher of some great design books, they really know how to put together a magazine for the creative folk.

Wired - these guys know how to push their limits. The U.S. edition of this mag is printed with splashes of neon and metallic pantone colors and used in lots of creative ways throughout the mag.

.net - a web designers/developer magazine

Computer Arts - if their print mag is as resourceful as their website then it's one handy guide for any graphic designer out there, with clear tutorials on trendy designs and techniques.

Uppercase  - creativity and randomness flow through the pages of this mag in all forms of art and artist, just love this one!


Opera Magazine this magazine is best viewed on the ipad app where some articles and cover stories come to life thanks to the animations designed by digital fusion.

Forbes - a classic magazine featuring a fresh design, with a knack for illustrating technical information in a simple and attractive way.



Anthropologie is a dream magazine to look at. Each edition has a unique theme (photo shoots around the world) with beautiful pictures and artistic clothing.

The photos are as much about the set as they are about the clothing.

Whoever said print is going out of style obviously hasn't been holding a nicely designed magazine recently. I suggest they pick up a copy of one of the above, sit comfy on a couch with a warm cup of hot cocoa… and they might just have a change of heart.

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