Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Virtual Cork Board

Neat example of a cork board. Notice the color swatches in the center 
and the vintage labels scattered around. (Photo: Magic Jelly)
Here's a toast to the first post on my virtual cork board! I was flipping through the book Signature Weddings by Michelle Rago - hey, it was so much more appealing than studying for biology - and I just loved the way she found inspiration from things like browsing the vintage shops, to papery and beaches. Each wedding profile featured in the book had a chart listing all the things that inspired the wedding design. They seem so fragmented and varied (think blueberries, old gates, Bohemian, meadows, Maine ) but then you see how she puts it all together, its incredible. Where does she pool all these ideas together? In the intro she describes the two cork boards hanging on the wall next to her desk. One is where she hangs her magazine tear-offs, color pallets, flowers, charms, cool wrapping paper and anything else that wows her (and can fit on the board), the second one is a visual sketch-board for the client to hang her favorites.

So here I am, excited to have this blog as my virtual cork board. Aside from saving room and preventing clutter - ok I will probably get one, once I set up my office -  its a great way to keep all my inspiration in one place and hopefully build up great ideas from it. Just let the ideas flow...

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