Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hear design geniuses shmooze while you work

Just found these web shows on 5by5 and I'm very happy I did. It's playing in the background as I work. They have lots of different shows airing and have compiled quite a large database by now. I'm finding "The Big Web Show" relevant for me talking about thinks like "...web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters. Hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman."

From their site description: 5by5 is an Internet broadcasting network for geeks, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and technophiles, recording live with hosts like Dan Benjamin, John Gruber, Merlin Mann, Jeffrey Zeldman, and friends.

While we're on the topic of mind blowing audio/visual, might I add - a free platform of innovational speakers for the curious mind. Have it play while you work, if your a mulitasker, and be sure to look under the design tag.

Creatiplicity podcasts discussing the intersection of simplicity and the creative process with hosts, Chris Bowler and Shawn Blanc. It's always interesting to hear how designers work and what's the process they go through.

Design Observer
Debbie Millman interviews designers and people in the field of art, in an interesting and personal way. Listened to the interview with Jessica Hische (illustrator and type creator) and Michael Arad (designer of the 9/11 memorial from Israel), each were so different, and I learned so much. Design Observer

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